PK/PD Training

consult2deliver offer training courses that can provide your employees with the understanding required to robustly integrate Pharmacokinetics (PK) into your drug development programmes.  We now offer e-learning courses in addition to more traditional face to face tutorial based teaching. For a preview of our e-learning click here.

PK data is an integral part of any submission to a Regulatory Authority, be it for an

  • Investigational New Drug (IND)
  • Clinical Trial Application (CTA)
  •  Marketing Authorisation Application (MAA)
  • New Drug Application (NDA)

Our most popular course lasts 1 day and provides participants with an overview of the principles of pharmacokinetics and PKPD modelling, in relation to drug development. The speakers’ own experience are given to demonstrate how PK together with a knowledge of the drug regulatory environment can be used to deliver a successful drug development programme.

More technical courses have been provided covering topics such as deconvolution to aid formulation selection and the fundamentals of PK/PD modelling.

All courses include learning in action sessions to allow participants to consolidate the knowledge they have gained.  To maximise the benefit of the training to your staff, courses can be tailored to suit individual company needs.

Course participants

Our courses have benefited staff working in both clinical and pre-clinical project teams and include: project and programme managers, physicians, regulatory staff, clinical scientists, clinical research associates, data managers, pharmaceutical scientists and statisticians.