E-learning Courses in Pharmacokinetics

We now offer e-learning courses in pharmacokinetics. These flexible training packages have been designed to meet the needs of the busy drug development and healthcare professional. They provide the key information that will enable you to confidently discuss pharmacokinetics within your everyday practice.

Topics are covered in bite-sized modules and learnings are reinforced by interactive quizzes throughout. For example, our course covering the common terms in pharmacokinetics has modules explaining single dosing after respective oral and intravenous drug administration. The pharmacokinetic behaviour of drugs after multiple dosing is also presented.  After successful completion of the e-learning course participants will receive a certificate for their training records, in addition to a ‘pdf’ copy of the presentation material.   Once enrolled, the course tutor is directly available to answer any questions you may have arising from the training.  A list of our courses is given below.